Operational Excellence Consulting and Advisory

GKK has worked with organizations large and small to support their Lean, Six Sigma and Operational Excellence programmes. We offer a range of services to ensure your efforts deliver on your business strategy. Working with you as partners, we help you design and develop efforts that improve both organizational effectiveness and efficiency, deepen employee engagement, and deliver greater value to your customers.

The context in which companies operate is becoming ever more complex: market volatility has become the “new normal”; shareholder and stakeholder expectations for reliability, efficiency and profitability are increasing; and competitive pressures require ever more agility. Against this backdrop, companies are investing in productivity improvements and operations excellence efforts seeking to gain an edge over competition, and increase their ability to adapt to shifting market conditions. Operational excellence goes well beyond cutting costs. It’s about achieving greater flexibility, agility, and higher levels of responsiveness to increase competitive advantage and fuel growth. And we help by driving process improvements from the ground up, enabling the business to grow its bottom line 2x faster than its top.